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Just Me, AnneMarie

So, how has it been so far ..??

So far it’s been a bit like a bad screen play.


Born in a rural village, not only miles from town but miles from modern too; a muscle wasting condition with an unpronounceable name that is untreatable, incurable and deteriorating all the while; perils of school life, the constant odd-ball and perfect target for bullies; entering the working world and its inherent prejudices to disability at that time; the engagement that ended with a murder trial; crewing on a tall ship just the once, which I then repeated another three times; working for a Baron and handling 'Joe Public' on their holidays; going to music gigs across the UK and in Europe; employed by the Government where the clientele were somewhat mouthy and intimidating; and meeting the weird, the wonderful and the famous on the planet.

And it ain’t over yet.

For the past few years I have been blogging about the mundane and every day that crosses my desk.  Since the early foot steps into this 21st Century I have been editing and managing a website about the talented musician Stephen Gibb.  Occasionally I will twiddle some yarn into a crocheted item or needle some silks into a piece of cross-stitch. More and more, as muscles, dexterity, strength and energy dwindle I have my nose in a book [well, aimed at a kindle].